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Easy Ways to Clean Fabric Sofa at Home

Easy Ways to Clean Fabric Sofa at Home

After working all day long or tiring study, isn’t it wonderful to lay on a sofa. I guess for everyone, lying on a dingy sofa is the worst experience he or she could imagine.

It is not just about how it would affect your feeling, but it also may damage your health with all these dirt it has.

Unfortunately, hiring someone to clean the sofa could cost you a lot. Therefore, most would clean the sofa on their own.

What kinds of stain your sofa would probably have during daily activities?

How are you going to deal with them?

No need to worry about it. Today we are showing you everything you would like to know about cleaning your fabric sofa easily at home.

Types of stains on fabric sofas

1. Dust and dirt

For one thing, the dust and dirt on your clothes may stick to the fabric of your sofa. In addition, when you open your windows to ventilate, the dust from the outside will come in to your room along with the fresh air and eventually be left on big furniture such as your fabric sofa.

2. Oil and fat

Our hands always secreted oil, which be easily rubbed on your fabric sofa during your daily life. Apart from this, eating on sofa is another way how oil and fat be spattered on the fabric.

3. Spill and liquid

The sofa plays a main role in your living room. It’s the mostly used furniture when you are hosting guests, spending time with your family and enjoying your time alone.

In the process, you may drink tea, coffee, wine, juice, soda while leaning on your sofa. We all know liquid are very easily spilled. And that’s why those stains appear on your fabric sofa.

If there are babies at home, milk could get on the fabric of your sofa while they are drinking it.

4. Crumbs

We all delight to recline on the sofa watching our favourite TV series and stuff a big handful of chips or fries into our mouth.

It’s a pleasing thing to do indeed. Though the crumbs could drop on your fabric sofa when your are having a nice foodie time.

5. Hairs

According to science researches, a person can lost 50-100 hairs every single day. So it’s inevitable to leave hairs on the sofa.

And for the family having pets like cats, dogs or bunnies, unless the pets are of hairless breed, their hairs would definitely attach to your fabric sofa. It can get even worse when it’s seasons of moult.

6.Mildew and acarid

In humid area, furniture that absorb moisture easily like sofa may have mildew problem.

Even though the mildew normally grows in somewhere unattractive, it is still an underlying threat for your health, which be worth of your attention.

In addition to this, it would be a great idea to lay importance on acarid problem. To avoid sickness caused by acarid, special forfend are needed.

How to Clean Fabric Sofa

1. Vacuuming

Clean the fabric with the vacuum cleaner thoroughly several times. Make sure that the dust, the hairs, the skins, the crumbs are removed.

To prevent some fragile fabrics from harm during the vacuuming, it’s suggested to use soft mode.

Vacuuming once a week can be a good idea to stop the dirt and dust from  accumulating.

2. Flapping with a cleaning rag

Wet the cleaning rag with moderate water and then flap the surface of the fabric sofa.

It works to a certain extent but the effectiveness is of course less than vacuuming.

In this case, such kind of cleaning is necessary twice or third times a week.

3. Use toothpaste

This method helps clean off the oil and fat.

What you need is some toothpaste, a soft bristled toothbrush, a cleaning rag and some water.

Paste the toothpaste on the oil stain.Wait for a few minutes, and you can brush it with a soft bristled toothbrush. And then wipe the paste that absorbed the oil and fat slowly and carefully.

4. Use ultraviolet acarid remover

Using an ultraviolet acarid remover to remove the acarid living on the fabric sofa. This is so far the best and the most engrained way suitable for all kinds of fabric sofas.

5. Use mould inhibitor

It is hard to remove mould on the fabric sofa in common ways as it grows so fast. This is why you’d better make use of specialized chemical products such as a mould inhibitor.

Remember putting on rubber gloves and mask before you start.

Spray the mould inhibitor on the mould, after a while, brush the mould off with a brush. Be careful not to use too much strength that might hurt the fabric.

Do not allow babies to be near the sofa until the residues are all removed from the sofa. And please open the windows for letting the air in to bring the smell of the product away.

Being a professional sofa manufacturer., we are expert in sofa cleaning and maintenance since the very beginning.

If you didn’t find the best way of solving your cleaning problem. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at

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